SHANGHAI KATE tells some (but not all!) in this electric + eclectic documentary, TATTOO NATION.

As the only woman in TATTOO NATION, Kate reflects the barriers females have faced for decades in Tattoo culture.

This rare look inside this taboo art culture charts the evolution of black and grey fineline tattooing from prison to photorealism.


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Kate Hellenbrand pushed the boundaries in a male-dominated industry, making a name for herself throughout the world.

One of the last students of Sailor Jerry, Kate worked alongside Jack Rudy at Tattooland in the gang-ridden neighborhood of East Los Angeles.  

Her 40 years of tattooing and traveling the globe has paved the way for female tattoo artists today.

SURVIVOR champion Parvati Shallow travels the world on her CBS program, Around The World For Free.


What good would traveling the world do you if you didn't stop by Shanghai Kate's for a tattoo?


A special look inside Confessions of a Tattoo Artist. Amazing stories from the early days of modern tattooing, featuring tattoo artists like Lyle Tuttle and (of course) the legendary Shanghai Kate.


Filmed at the 30th National Tattoo Convention held in Concord NC, this is the first part of the third video in a series of in depth interviews done with the who's who of the tattoo world.

All Things Considered


The Tattooed Descended on Utah


The Tattooed Desceneded on Utah - All Things Considered
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Utah is often associated with conservative values and the Mormon religion. But when Salt Lake City hosted a counter-culture gathering (a convention of tattoo artists and devotees), Shanghai Kate just couldn't miss out on the action. KCPW's Julie Rose reports!

When Howard Stern needed some cover-up work done, he sent a limo to Shanghai Kate's shop to pick up her sketches. Once he saw her artwork, he called to schedule a session right away!

Now he just won't shut up about her.

Listen to Howard rave about Shanghai Kate on his show! 


Howard Stern Loves Kate - Howard Stern
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ORANGE MAGAZINE writer and videographer, Quinton Boudwin, shadows the life of Shanghai Kate!

In October 2015, Austin Monthly named Shanghai Kate Hellenbrand as character-of-the-month!


If you weren't lucky enough to get your hands on a printed copy, don't worry! You can still check out the exclusive interview online.



From Voodoo to Vogue


with Shanghai Kate


Women of Ink

I was so honored to be a part of this ground-breaking panel of extraordinarily talented women tattoo artists from all disciplines. Great questions, even better answers and I look forward to many more events like this one in the future where Women of Ink can tell their stories. We have a lot of them. 


My great pleasure to meet and begin to know this truly wonderful woman and to participate in her podcasts: www Nicole (aka @baronesseast) works with Franco Vescovi and Bishop Rotary, one of my primary sponsors. Nicole is an interested (and interesting!) member of our tattoo community and is now a member of my tattoo family. I ... thank you for listening...

Shanghai Kate

on How to succeed as a Tattoo artist

Kate was recently visited by a writer/videographer from DowJones who is doing a series on Millenials and their mentors with some substantial influence. She was chosen to represent the very deep and wide field of Tattoo Craft, having a career that has spanned 47 years, globally. Her apprentice, Erika Leal, questioned her and this little video is the subsequent result.