Currently, Shanghai Kate's is a private, by appointment only studio. 

We are always interested in meeting new members of the craft and welcome any artists who may wish to work in a sane, sober, quiet, supportive environment, rich with information and history. Consultations are always at noon. 

Kate's Crew

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Ross Seggern

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"Tattooing is the art of the ancients. It is the greatest form of self expression. It is with great honor that I am asked to tattoo a person. I take great pride in my work... this holy art. To combine my experience, skills and vision to exceed my clients expectations brings me great joy. It is a labor of love. I feel I was chosen by tattoo gods to do this work. Life is too short not to do what you love.”


“I started drawing from before I can remember. It came quite natural to me. I took some art classes but never thought I would be a professional artist. I was offered an tattoo apprenticeship in the early nineties but certain commitments would prevent me from pursuing it until 2004 when I purchased my own gear. I tattooed myself and my friends but always maintained my blue-collar day job. It wasn’t until I met Shanghai Kate that she asked if I’d want to be apprenticed properly. Then she saw some of my work and said, “This guy can tattoo.” Now we are married and the rest is history...”

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