Currently, Kate is operating her studio as a private, appointment-only shop and writing a series of books about tattooing and her history. She and her crew will be attending conventions throughout the United States in 2019 and 2020. Her current schedule is listed under TOUR, with others to be added in the future. Check back to see if she will be in your town soon!

Watch this page for details. Hope to see you on the road! Thank you!


New T-shirts 


Jack Rudy designed the front and the back features the iconic Shanghai Kate logo designed by Kate Hellenbrand herself.

Available for purchase in our store in all sizes from small to XXL, with more colors coming soon! Tote bags are also available with Kate's logo! 

Great gifts for the tattoo fan in your life! 



Kate is Cooking

more books!!

"His Book, Volume One" has been correctly called "American Tattoo Master Part II" by Crash, the editor of Tattoo Artist Magazine. Written by Sailor Jerry Collins of Honolulu, Hawaii, sometime in the late 1960s and presented now without any editing or changes. This book is a treasure trove of Jerry's deepest thoughts about the craft he founded and loved. Hand-bound by Shanghai Kate, the last person to work with Sailor Jerry, it comes signed and numbered. 

"His Book, Volume Two," is currently being designed and will be available soon. Filled with more technical information, it demonstrates how fully knowledgable Sailor Jerry was about his craft. It is required reading for all who are interested in the holy art of tattooing.

check out Kate and Jeff Goldblum

Kate will be featured in a 12 part documentary series with actor Jeff Goldblum!


See Kate teach Jeff about tattooing and how to do it! The documentary series will begin on November 12, 2019 on the Disney streaming platform, Disney+. Watch the trailer now!

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